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                  Very tense with one round to go             

    Div 1

    The round belonged to RGBA, who obliterated a make-shift McGuire team. 

    They now look safe together with Huggins and Jones, but all of the rest are

    still at risk.  

    It was Hillman's turn to be run over by the Black-train to the tune of 16-4. 

    They are now in the relegation zone with Ka'Pownall, whom they play in 

    the last match. 


    The hanging match between Hinden and Black is being played next

    Wednesday; I'll try to remember to put the score on here as soon as I can. 

    In the hanging match between Black and Hinden, the latter prevailed by

    11 IMPs - 7.46-12.54 in V.Ps. The scores have been updated. 

    Ascending best at the moment are RGBA with 20 (although 2nd at the 

    moment), Huggins with 16.22 and Ka'Pownall and Jones with 11.23. 


    Butler posted. 

   Div 2

    That Phoenix would win div 2 we knew already before the last match, but

    who was going to go up with them? Martin went down 15-5 to Sushi, but

    Lehto could not take advantage - they lost to Hatstand by about the same

    margin. Congratulations to the two promoted teams! We wish you all the 

    best in div 1.

    Phoenix was rewarded with £500 for winning the division, and Sushi picked

    up the £200 ascenders prize for scoring 32.5 V.Ps from their last two.

    It was an odd season with so few teams, but the atmosphere in the division

    was once again fantastic. Thanks to everyone.

    The final accumulated butler has been posted. 























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