Draw for div 1 posted


Div 1 suffered no casualties in the summer heat but is ready to go as was -

the draw is available from the menu above.


Everyone, please note the unusually early starting date of Aug 29.


For matches that have to be re-arranged, notice must be given before the

start of the season (Aug 15 for the first match) or it will incur a 1 V.P fine.


Please, captains, check your personnel well in advance and find subs if you

have to; let's try to have a season without any re-arranged matches!


The table money will be increased to £12.50 per player. This is due

to the EBU having decided to charge P2P for the LSL (!?) as we use the

premises of an affiliated club.

This is the first time we have increaed the table money since the start.

I'm guessing no one will be ruined, but I'm not looking forward to handling

all the change...





In div 2, we have several new teams, so an exciting season to look forward to.

I'm still awaiting confirmation from a couple of usual suspects, but at the

moment we have ten teams; Phoenix, Lehto, Goyim, Hatstand, Ka'Pownall

Hot Fuzz, Jones, Harris, Benedicts and Rusty Old Men.


Here, also, the table money is being raised to £12.50 per player.

















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