That's a bit better!

   Well done div 2 for eliminating the scoring errors!

    Div 1 had a few, but it's still an improvement. 

    The accu-butler is now up. Please note that, for both divisions, only players

    who have played more than one match are showing. 

   Div 1 

    Leaders HINDEN lost to RGBA and have dropped to third. BLACK took

    over the lead after a 17-3 demolishment of TELTSCHER. 

    HILLMAN continued their fine run with 14-6 over JONES, and NATT 

    put 21 IMPs past SUSHI. 

    Several teams are just one decent result from mixing with the top two, 

    but at the other end, SUSHI and TELTSCHER need a new gameplan, fast. 



   Div 2

    Round 5 belonged to CARDTOSSERS, who took a big 18 off BENEDICTS

    to get themselves in the hunt for promotion, and to GOYIM, who continued

    their fine run by beating HATSTAND by 16 IMPs. 

    McGUIRE also had a good win over LEHTO, and have taken the lead. 

    PHOENIX and KA'POWNALL fought out a boring draw (only 177 IMPs 

    changed hands and a couple of boards were even flat...). 

    After five of nine rounds then, it's McGUIRE ahead of KA'POWNALL, 

    but I'm sure there'll be a twist in the tail somewhere along the line. 

    Pianola page available through "Previous rounds and Cross IMPs div 2"

    and click on "Match 5". Accumulated butler in a day or two. 

    No scoring errors this week means that the accumulated butler is now up.

    Please note that it's currently only showing players who have played 

    at least two matches. 

























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