The field comes together.


Some surprising results in round 3 have left division one wide open:

RGBA beat BLACK, 15-5, and de BOTTON took 18-2 of HINDEN.

Nice wins also for RUMINSKI and GORDON, who are sharing the lead.


Early indications are that this could be one of the closest seasons

we've seen, but there's of course a long way to go.


McGuire, currently at the bottom of the table, will want to have a

good result or two sooner rather than later.






In division 2 A, HARRIS had a fine win over TELTSCHER, 17-3, which

has put them in the lead, but the latter and ROPIER are hot on their



In 2 B, HATSTAND had a big result in beating STOVE 18-2, and JONES

have started purring again with a 17-3 victory over SLR.


These three are out in front, but it looks like CARDTOSSERS wants

to be in the mix too.


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