BLACK extending their lead.


There were mostly draws in round 7. Only BLACK managed to get

enough IMP's to score big - 19-1 against GREEN - putting them

12 V.P's ahead of GORDON and a further 3 ahead of de BOTTON.


As always, in the last two rounds there'll be an ascenders prize at stake;

V.P's will be multiplied by the number of places between the two teams

(for the lower ranked team).



JONES are out of sight, and will be back in div 1 in the spring.

They will win div 2 unless they get blitzed by TELTSCHER in the last.


TELTSCHER are second, but can't afford to relax in the last match

with both ROPIER and HATSTAND only 14 behind.


STOVE pushed through a late rearrangement with VERVE, and this

match will probably be played on Dec 19.

It looks to be between those two and HARRIS who will scoop up the

prize money in div 2 "Remain".

Scores and standings in the menu above.








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