New tricks

   A few of our members are involved in a project that is designed to make

    the game more accessible online; New Tricks Bridge Club. 

    By the look of it, this may just be the best thing to happen to Bridge 

    since sliced bread. I warmly recommend taking a look at their introduction

    YouTube video here - https://www.gofundme.com/f/new-tricks-bridge-club 


    Round 4 saw Black extend their lead after a comfortable win over Rusty. 

    RGBA is also going strong in second place after a win over Hillman.

    Both McGuire and Ka'Pownall picked up some very welcome points against

    Hinden and Natt respectively. 

    The Pianola results that you're sent straight after the event disappears

    after every score change. You can access the correct one either from the 

    YC results page, or by going to "Previous rounds & Cross IMPs" on this site

    and click on "Match 4" at the top of the butler table. 

    Accubutler now posted.  

   Div 2

    Phoenix marches on with a won over Hatstand. They're now a bit ahead

    of the field and - dare i say it? - should finally fulfill their potential of 

    qualifying for div 1. Martin is second and Lehto has jumped up to third 

    with a demolition of Benedicts+. 

    No scoring errors reported this week, and every one in the right seats;

    well done all! Accumulated butler has been posted.  























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