All ready to go.


Then we are finally ready to kick off the spring season 2018.

As some of you already know, it will be a bit of an unusual format;

division 1 will have 11 teams for one season only, and all teams will

therefore play 10 matches rather than the usual 9.


The easiest way to explain this is that I was a bit stupid when we lost

a team in the autumn, and mistakenly announced that there would be

a play-off match to fill the vacant spot. As this may have affected how

certain teams played in the final round - and because I wouldn't be happy

going back on something I've said - the Organising Committee agreed

with me that the play-off match should go ahead, and that we would

play one season only with 11 teams.


Note therefore that 3 teams will be relegated, and that all teams will have

one sit-out.

The season is a bit longer, so we're playing the last three rounds on

May 16, 23 & 30.

The upside is that we'll be offering a third cash prize!

Even though the LSL now have to pay P2P to the EBU, I'm delighted to

announce the following prize structure;


Winner Div 1 £1,500

Second Div 1 £ 500

Third Div 1 £ 300


Winner Div 2 £ 500

Decond Div 2 £ 200


Plus one ascenders's prize of £ 200 for each division.


This constitutes just under half of the total takings in table money.

The host club receives half, and the remainder goes to P2P.






For division 2, I've just received two very late entries, making nine

teams in total.

This means we'll be playing a straight Round-Robin of 9 rounds,

each team sitting out once (unless we get an even later entry...).


The top two will be promoted to div 1, and the prizes are as above.


The draw has been made and posted on this site.



Best of luck to you all!
















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