And this week's winners are...



Strong performances by GORDON (17-3 v. McGuire) and BLACK

(19-1 v. RGBA) means both of them can breathe easier for a couple

of rounds.

JONES have found their feet after a couple of tentative seasons, and

are flying high in second place after a nice 13-7 victory over HINDEN.


de BOTTON are about to catch up on their two hanging matches;

against RGBA this Thursday and NATT next week, and it should give us

a good idea of their intentions this season - and that of RGBA's, who

are desperate for a result.


In the first of these, de BOTTON defeated RGBA, 12-8,

and in the second, NATT beat de BOTTON 16-4.


In a R7 match played early, McGUIRE drew with HILLMAN, 10-10.



Div 2


As expected, the last match of the Round-Robin brought its fair

share of drama;

GREEN, who had already rearranged to play their last match against

CARDTOSSERS last Thursday, failed to raise a team and had to

give a W-O. This handed 16 V.P's to their opponents, which almost

turned out to be enough when HARRIS stumbled to a 13-7 loss

against VERVE.

In the end, though, it was HARRIS who joined MINICHAMPS and



In group B, HAVE A NICE DAY had the most unfortunate of evenings;

first they lost to EWART, 9-11, just enough to be overtaken by the same,

and then HATSTAND went and took 13 off LEHTO, just enough for them

to also squeeze in to the play-off's.


It's therefore HATSTAND, EWART and RUSTY OLD MEN from group B.


The new-look standings are up on the results-page, and the draw

for the remaining three rounds posted on the draw-page.


Best of luck for the remaining fixtures!







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