New tricks

   A few of our members are involved in a project that is designed to make

    the game more accessible online; New Tricks Bridge Club. 

    By the look of it, this may just be the best thing to happen to Bridge 

    since sliced bread. I warmly recommend taking a look at their introduction

    YouTube video here - https://www.gofundme.com/f/new-tricks-bridge-club 


    With some of the league's finest away in China making us proud, it was 

    a quiet night in round two; two matches having been rearranged. 

    JONES and HILLMAN helped themselves to a healthy slice of newly-promoted

    KA'POWNALL and McGUIRE respectively, to take an early lead in the table, 

    while HUGGINS saw off RUSTY by 16-4 ish. 

    At this point I can reveal that the prize money for the season, slightly 

    reduced due to the number of teams in div 2, is as follows; 

    Winner div 1; £1,500     Runners up; £ 500 and Ascenders £ 200

    Winner div 2; £   500     Ascenders £ 200 



    Butler updated for both divisions

   Div 2

    It was a quiet night in round 2 as Phoenix and Martin had rearranged.

    Sushi got slightly the better of Lehto while Hatstand and Benedicts+ drew. 

    To find the relevant Pianola page; go to "Previous rounds and Cross IMPs

    div 2" above, and click on "Match 2" at the top of the column. 

    It's also available through YC's results page.  






















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