Two thirds of the way               


    Div 1

    Black had another win - 14-6 over Huggins - and are now leadiing by 15 V.P

    from McGuire, although they do have a hanging match against Hinden to 


    Rusty have started their recovery with a small win over Hillman, and have 

    a chance still to catch up with the peloton. 

    The rest of the field is still very tight, and anyone can end up in the 

    relegation zone with a poor result. Three rounds to go! 

    Butler has been posted.  

   Div 2

    Phoenix have sealed promotion with a resounding win over Benedicts+.

    The question is; who will join them? They will play their hanging match 

    against Martin next Wednesday, and we will be watching with interest. 

    A poor result for Martin may be leaving the door ajar for Lehto to slip through. 

    As it's the last two rounds now, the ascender's prize is in action; highest

    score from the last two - outside the regular prizes. Best start for that had

    Sushi with 17.89.

    The accumulated butler has been posted. 























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