The autumn season will start on Aug 27/28              

   Div 1

   We're in process of lining up all the usual suspects for the autumn. The 

    Teltscher team's participation may hinge on whether we can get a stair lift

    installed in time, but other than that I've no indication of anyone dropping

    out. Div 1 will play on Aug 28, Sept 11 & 25, Oct 9 & 23, Nov 6 & 20 and

    Dec 4 & 18. 

    Confirmed entries so far; HINDEN, HILLMAN, 

   Div 2

    Div 2 will see some new faces; at the moment it looks like at least one new   

    team and at least one reorganised one. 

    The season will start on Aug 27 and play every two weeks following Div 1

    (see above), but of course we don't know the exact numbers yet. 

    Confirmed entries so far; SUSHI, HARRIS, LEHTO, HATSTAND, RGBA





















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