And then there were nine



As most of you will know by now, team de Botton withdrew from the

LSL after discussions about one of their players broke down.

GORDON and JONES have provisionally been given a W-O, 16-0, for

the unplayed match, but I'll dig into the regulations and check if this is

right - or if they should receive something else. The actual correct

scores will be posted before the last round.


The available place in div 1 should, according to the regulations, be

filled by a play-off match between the team placed 9th in div 1 and

the team placed 3rd in div 2.


RGBA beat HINDEN 12-8 to give themselves a shot and make it

interesting at the top.


JONES continued their fine season with a 12-8 win over McGUIRE,

and have a share of the lead.


Although I had not announced it, there'll be an ascenders prize for the

team with the highest score from the final two rounds

(out of the main prizes).




Div 2


MINICHAMPS and RUSTY OLD MEN are out in front, but playing

each other in the final round. This leaves the door ajar for either

WHISTFUL THINKING or HARRIS to sneak in with a big win.


Even third place is of interest, as we're known ot have a drop-out

from div 1 - a place that should be filled by a play-off match

between 3rd placed in div 2 and 9th place in div 1.


HAVE A NICE DAY have almost a lock on the ascenders prize in

div 2-Stay.


Best of luck for the remaining fixtures!







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