YC Half-Marathon

May 13th 11am-11pm


The top two met in round 6, with RGBA having the better of de BOTTON,


The result of the round, though, must be BLACK's demolition of HINDEN

by 19-1, just when the latter were starting to look dangerous.


RGBA are 7 clear of de BOTTON and BLACK, with a bit of a gap now

down to HINDEN in 4th.


TELTSCHER scored only 6 against HILLMAN, and will be desperate

for a good result soon.


In a hanging match from round 4, JONES beat GREEN, 18-2.



In div 2, leaders McGUIRE were held by HATSTAND, 10-10, while

LEHTO hepled themselves to a useful 18-2 against CARDTOSSERS.


EWART slowed down ROPIER considerably, 15-5 despite playing the

whole match with a last-minute sub.

The teams we all expected would be challenging for

a place in div 1 are gathering at the top, ready to strike.

McGUIRE has it by 4 over NATT and LEHTO, and HARRIS and the field

will do well to get in amongst them.


The ascender's prize is now active in div 2; best score from the last

two matches from a team not finishing in the top two will win £200.


Promotion beckons for the first two teams, and the prizes are £500,

£300 and £200 for best ascenders.


Good luck







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