The spring season will start on Jan 15/16


Three rounds to go

Division 1


Leaders TELTSCHER and BLACK had rearranged due to the Black team

representing England in the Champion's Cup this week.

Of the four matches played, three were almost draws while HILLMAN found

an awful lot of IMPs against McGUIRE to take a maximum.


In a hanging match, A NICE SUNNY DAY defeated SUSHI by 15-5.

The league is split into two halves; TELTSCHER, BLACK, HINDEN and GORDON

are eyeing the top spots, while the rest of the field are currently looking

over their shoulders.



Division 2


In 2-UP, RUSTY OLD MEN beat KA'POWNALL by 15-5 to go almost 20 V'Ps

clear at the top. They look a good bet for promotion, but of course have

two difficult matches left.

PHOENIX made a dent in HOT FUZZ's hopes of promotion by winning 16-4,

and JONES also took a big step by beating HATSTAND 15-5.

It looks right now like it's going to be between PHOENIX and JONES for

the second spot, but a lot can happen in the last two matches.


In 2-STAY, HARRIS took almost full pot, 19-1. They have a 17 V.P lead on

LEHTO, who scored 17 tonight.

















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