The autumn season will start on Aug 27/28              

                    Team BLACK are Champions 

   Div 1

   BLACK and HINDEN were almost neck-and-neck going into the last round. 

    On paper, HINDEN had the tougher draw, facing NATT, although BLACK had

    to face a SUSHI team fighting for their lives. 

    Both were down at half time; 4 and 8 IMPs repectivey. Both fought back in 

    the second half to win by 13 something, but it was team BLACK who nicked

    it just ahead of the strong HINDEN team. Congratulations to them both!

    1st prize was £1.600 and second £600.

    HILLMAN picked up the ascenders prize by scoring just over 27 V.Ps from

    their last two matches. We have to say goodbye to RGBA and SUSHI for 

    a while, but will welcome two strong teams; McGUIRE and KA'POWNALL

    from division 2 for the autumn. 


    We've reached the end of the first season scored by BridgeMates and with

    cross-IMPs. I have made some mistakes and you have made some mistakes, 

    but on the whole I think it has worked pretty well and, no doubt, we'll all get



    It would appear I did some shouting yesterday before start of play, about

    players not taking their seats when urged to do so. Though it's no excuse, 

    I'd had a nightmare preparing for the evening due to a faulty dealing

    machine, and I had not had time to eat (=grumpy). I'm sorry. 


    That said, I do think that the total lack of respect for organisers and authority,

    that seems to be the norm in Bridge events in this country, is a problem.

    Those of you lucky enough to have played eg. The Chairman's Cup in Sweden

    or the like will know what I'm talking about; there, you get fined even if you 

    stand up at your table at starting time - and it's fantastic!

    I can hear you now, asking "What possible difference can it make if we start

    a few minutes after some of the other tables?"

    Well, obviously it's not a big deal if the match finishes a little bit later, as long

    as the nominated playing time is kept. The main problem is that it is 

    disrespectful and disturbing for the players who have actually started on time. 

    They, in effect, get punished for trying to do the right thing, and that doesn't

    sound right to me. 


    Over the summer, I'll discuss these issues and a few others with the 

    Organising Committee, and we may decide to introduce some changes

    come autumn. 

    I'm again, at the end of the season, utterly amazed at the way all of you

    are treating each other with respect whilst still being so competitive. 

    I, for one, have thuroughly enjoyed every single match (except for the 

    results, obviously. Duh!). For this you have my sincere gratitude.

    Enjoy your summer everyone! 

    The final accu-butler is now posted. Well done to Barry for topping it-

    he wins a mentioning on the LSL home page. 


   Div 2

    We knew who would get promoted before the final round, so it was a very

    relaxed evening. Only the ascender's prize was to be decided, and it went

    to LEHTO for scoring a good win and a draw in their last two; £200. 

    It was McGUIRE who finished top and collected £500. They and KA'POWNALL

    in second place (£300) were the two dominating teams this season. 

    We congratulate them and wish them all the best in division 1 come autumn.

    PHOENIX had higher aspirations than third - that's for sure - but they have 

    to wait at least another season before they reach div 1, as I have no doubt 

    they will sooner or later. HATSTAND can also take heart from their fourth 

    place finish, and with a bit of consistency they could also challenge for 

    promotion. It goes without saying that both HARRIS and LEHTO would 

    love to be back in the top division soon, but I see progress in all teams in 

    the second division and, if one day we get a third division, they too will have 

    to show what they're made of. 

    As always, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you in div 2 this 

    season. My heartfelt thanks for playing all your matches in the true LSL


    Final accumulated butler posted today (Wed).  


























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