Team BLACK are the Champions! Our congratulations go to

Andrew (Bertie) Black, Willie Whittaker, Phil King, Gunnar Hallberg

and Andrew McIntosh.

They held storming GORDON - who themselves had a really good season

to finish third - to a draw, 10-10.

This opened the door for de BOTTON to come second, which they took

with a 14-6 win over LEHTO.


HINDEN avoided the upset of all time with a steady 9-11 against GREEN,

and McGUIRE finally found their feet to beat RGBA 19-1.


£1,600 went to the winners and £600 to second place. Thanks to their

fine performance in the last match, McGUIRE walked off with the £200

ascenders prize.

Following the disqualification of RUMINSKI, for not completing the

season, FORCE MAJEURE have beaten LEHTO in a play-off for the

remaining spot.

We congratulate Alex Brett, Peter Rogers, Michal Dajwlowski,

Ken Barnett, Dean Swallow, Tony Yip, Jorrit Schafer and Sam Nim,

and wish them success in div 1.



Division 2 has nine entries this season; GARDENSTONE has gone AWOL,

SOUTH LONDON RAIDERS are taking a sabbatical, and FORCE MAJEURE

were promoted to div 1 after a play-off.

We have a new team, EWART, with David Ewart, Sarah Dunn, Ewa Kater

and, hopefully, a couple more.

LEHTO and McGUIRE are the teams coming in from div 1.


There will therefore be a sit-out again this season, and the first one

fell to ROPIER.


Season starts on Jan 24, and the other playing dates are; Feb 7 & 21,

March 7 & 21, April 4 & 18 and May 2 & 16.


Promotion beckons for the first two teams, and the prizes are £500,

£300 and £200 for best ascenders.


Good luck







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