Walk-Over invoked.


Unfortunately, GREEN could not raise a team, and were forced to

give a W-O on the eve of the second round. RGBA were awarded 16-0.

HILLMAN had a good outing against GORDON, 17-3, and the same

score was recorded in de BOTTON's favour against JONES.


HINDEN picked up another 15, against FORCE MAJEURE, to go with

their 15 from the first round. They have the early lead, ahead of



In the first full round of division 2, NATT showed their intentions by

beating LEHTO, 17-3.

CARDTOSSERS picked up their first win of the campaign - and any

other campaign - by taking 15-5 off VERVE. McGUIRE beat HARRIS,

and EWART finally got off the ground with a large win over HATSTAND.


ROPIER collected a fine 13 from STOVE, and they're sharing the early

lead with NATT, although the latter have two unplayed matches.


The division is still very close though - only VERVE have a bit of ground

to make up.


Promotion beckons for the first two teams, and the prizes are £500,

£300 and £200 for best ascenders.


Good luck









Round 3 Standings;


Lehto - Natt 3-17 1= Ropier 37*

McGuire - Harris 14-6 1= Natt 37*

Cardtos's - Verve 15-5 3. Harris 35*

Ewart - Hatstand 18-2 4. Ewart 34

Stove - Ropier 7-13 5. McGuire 32

6. Lehto 31

7. Stove 30

8. Hatstand 27*

9. Cardtossers 26

10. Verve 11

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