Both divisions up and running


Then we have lift-off in both divisions with the new V.P scale and scoring

by BridgeMates. I was all set for five matches but, when only four turned up,

some tweeking was needed.


For both divisions, previous results and Cross IMPs can be found in the menu

in the top right corner of this page. I'll try to keep an accumulated butler,

and there're links to the Pianola pages as well.


RUSTY OLD MEN, SUSHI and BLACK all started off with medium-sized wins

and HINDEN with a smaller one.



Prize money for the season as follows;


Div 1 Div 2

Winner £1,600 £ 500

Runner-up £ 600 £ 300

Acsenders £ 200 £ 200


Division 2


The tenth team I had been hoping for has not materialised. Please therefore

note that all teams in div 2 will have a sit-out.


McGuire, Benedicts and Ka'Pownall all started with a big win, while the

rest didn't. Goyim have received 12 V.P for now for their sit-out, but if

I manage to get a tenth team, they will play their match at a later date.

Phoenix will be sitting out next, whether we have a replacement or not.

















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