Draw div 2



London Super League - Draw for division 2


Teams are divided into two groups, A and B. Both groups will play a complete Round-Robin (5 matches).

The top three teams in each group will then form division 2 "up" and the remaining teams will form division 2 "stay".

All teams will keep their scores from the first phase.

Div 2 up will play three more matches - against the teams they haven't yet met -

for the two promotion spots and two cash prizes, £500 & £300.

Division 2 stay will similarly play three more matches for the ascenders prize (£200).



Group A Group B


Sept. 12 Harris - MiniChamps Ewart - Rusty old men

Whistful thinking - Green (re-arranged) Benedicts - Hatstand

Verve - Cardtossers Have a nice day- Letho




Sept 26 Whistful thinking- Harris Benedicts - Ewart

MiniChamps - Cardtossers Rusty old men- Lehto

Green - Verve Hatstand - Have a nice day



Oct 10 Harris - Green Ewart - Hatstand

Cardtossers - Whistful thinking Lehto - Benedicts

Verve - MiniChamps Have a nice day- Rusty old men



Oct 24 Cardtossers - Harris Lehto - Ewart

Whistful thinking- Verve Benedicts - Have a nice day

MiniChamps - Green Rusty old men - Hatstand



Nov 7 Verve - Harris Have a nice day - Ewart

MiniChamps - Whistful thinking Benedicts - Rusty old men

Green - Cardtossers Hatstand - Lehto







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