Congratulations to team HINDEN!


There wasn't really a lot at stake in the last round of this marathon

season; we knew who the champions were, and the rest basically

stayed the same. TELTSCHER held off JONES, 14-6, to hold on to

2nd place and condemning their opponents to division 2.

RUSTY OLD MEN blitzed SUSHI, but it was too little too late.

BLACK hammered McGUIRE and HILLMAN drew with HINDEN, but

none of these results really changed anything.


MINICHAMPS claimed they couldn't get a team together, and so

conceeded their second Walk-Over of the season, a very poor show

indeed. In the process, they handed the ascenders prize to GORDON.


Many, many congratulations to Frances Hinden, Graham Osbourne,

David Kendrick, Jonathan Mestel, Mike Scoltock, Sally Brock,

Andy Bowles and Robert Sheehan (have I missed anyone? Was Barry

part of the team as well? DIRECTOR!!)

They accepted the first prize of £1500 - reduced from 1600 because

of the unplayed matches - without a grumble.


In second place was TELTSCHER, receiving £500 for their efforts.

Well done to Kitty, Bernard, Willie, Victor, Mike, Sarah, Tom and Alex.

In third place after a very impressive season was team NATT. They

have £300 to collect from me. Well done to Shahzaad, Petar, Stefano,

Kiril, Nevena, Oliver and Patrick.


The ascenders prize, as mentioned above, was won by GORDON

who scored 31 V.Ps from their last two matches.


When I look around and see numbers falling drastically in almost

every Bridge event there is, I feel pleased and proud that the LSL

seems to hold steady and even grow a little over so many years.

I am absolutely certain that the reason is that we don't allow any

rudeness, and that we've made real attempts at stamping out

"law-riding" and "loop-holing". It's basically only my terrible sense

of humor that upsets players these days.


This is something YOU guys have done, not me. As players in the LSL,

not only should we try our outmost to keep this tremendous atmosphere

in the league itself, but we should also go out there and show others

that the game should be fun - just pure, unadultered fun.


I thank you all for helping me make the LSL what it is today.


The last round of div 2 can only be describes as "undramatic"; I think

someone spilling a glass of wine may have been the most exciting event

the whole evening.


Everything stayed the same; many congratulations to RGBA for winning

the division; Gad Chadha, John Cox, Laura Porro, Adrian Orlowski,

Francois Picard and Ben Ritacca (these were the core members, although

Gad has used a number of subs over the season). They picked up £500

for their efforts and are invited to rejoin div 1 in the autumn.


They will be joined by team Have a Nice Day, Dimitre Stoev, John Vos,

Lynn Fry, Ian Pagan, Nick Simms, Mike Clack, Karen & Malcolm Pryor.

£300 for second place and promotion was their reward for a job well done.


The ascenders price of £200 was won by team Benedicts for collecting

31 V.P's from their last two matches.

It has truly been a pleasure to look after you all in div 2 this season;

I'm delighted to notcie that; not only have I received hardly any calls

for rulings, but I haven't even noticed anyone being bad-tempered at

any point!

Well done all of you for playing the game in the right spirit!

Hope to see you again in the autumn.















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