Contents; 1. Authority


2. General provisions


2.1 Eligibility to enter


2.2 Format


2.3 Team


2.4 Line up


2.5 The draw


2.6 Re-arranging matches


2.7 Spectators


2.8 Same polarity at both tables


2.9 Seating rights


2.10 Overall rankings

2.11 Rulings and appeals


2.12 Forfeits


2.13 Drop outs


2.14 Overhearing


3. Behaviour


4. Systems and conventions


4.1 Bidding methods


4.2 Carding methods


4.3 Alerting procedures


5. Playing time


5.1 Length of match


5.2 Late arrival


5.3 Unplayed boards


5.4 Players unable to complete match



The London Super League is played as a level 5 competition.

Any issues and difficulties which are raised during the season will be resolved by the

Organising Committee (O.C), acting in conjunction with the team captain where neccesary.


The LSL is played under the laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 with such modifications as have

been approved by the WBF Laws Committee.





The LSL is played under the laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 with such modifications as

have been approved by the WBF Laws Committee.



The LSL is open to any player who is in good standing with the host venue and who is

known to the O.C to be a player of good sportsmanship and with high ethical values.


The O.C has the right to deny any player entry to the competition without stating its'





Matches are played over 24 boards, in two stanzas, of pre-duplicated hands, by teams

of four to six players.


Scoring is by IMP's, converted to Victory Points according to the following scale;


0-1 10-10 28-34 16-4

2-5 11-9 35-43 17-3

6-10 12-8 44-53 18-2

11-15 13-7 54-65 19-1

16-21 14-6 66+ 20-0

22-27 15-5






Teams are allowed up to eight members, with no more than six players playing in

any one match.


No player may be part of more than one team in the LSL during any season. One

player will be assigned captain of the team.


Substitutes are allowed given that they comply with the section regarding eligibility

to enter (see 2.1) and that they arre not part of another teams in the LSL or has

played substitute in another team in the LSL during the same season.




It is the responsibility of the captains to ensure that the players sit in the right direction,

that the score is recorded correctly and to communicate with the O.C regarding any

issues relating to the LSL.


In the case of more than four players taking part in any one match for one team, the

opposing captain must be notified before the match, and the team forfeits any

seating rights throughout the match.


No more than six players may be used by any team for any one match.


For the second stanza, both pairs on one team, according to the seating rights (see 2.9)

will change seatos to face new opponents.


In the case of a team using a third pair for the second stanza, the remaining pair must

not play the same opponents again.


In the case of one team re-arranging the partnerships within the team for the second

stanza, the opposing team shall have full seating rights for that stanza.


All formations must remain constant throughout the stanza, with the exception of players

unable to complete the match (see 5.4).




The draw will take place before the start of the season by a random draw.





Re-arranged matches must be played at the host venue after the first date - and before

the last - of the season for the division in question.


If any team needs to re-arrange a match, the following will apply;

a) If notice is given before the start of the season, the opposing team will have to

comply, and no penalty given.


b) If notice is given at least two weeks before the playing date, the opposing team

has the option of refusing - in which case the match will be a Walk-Over -

but may agree to play the match on another occasion.

The team seeking to rearrange will be fined 1 V.P.


c) If notice is given at any later stage, it will be an automatic Walk-Over (16-0)





Spectators must accept the wishes of a player who does not want to be watched,

but a spectator cannot be prevented from watching another player at the table who

does not object.


All spectators must behave in accordance with law 76 of the Laws of Duplicate 2017.





In the event that both pairs in a team wit in the same polarity on one stanza,

the score for the stanza will be zero.


The stanza that has been completed in the match will determine the score in the

match according to the same scoring method as for a full 24-board match.


Both pairs at the table are equally responsible for making sure that they sit in the

correct positions, and no one pair can be held responsible over another.





In every match, there is a designated home and away team. The home team is the

first named team in the draw for that round.


For the first stanza, the away team will sit first, and the home team will choose

opponents. For the second stanza, the home team may choose which physical table

they want to sit at, and the away team will sit accordingly.





The ranking within the division is decided by the number of V.Ps.

Should two or more teams finish with the same number of V.Ps, the outcome will be

decided by the V.P result in the match (es) between the teams.


Should the V.P result in the matches between the teams fail to produce a winner,

extra boards in lots of four will be played to decide the outcome.





In the case of a technical irregularity at the table, players should notify the director or,

in the absence of a director, a member of the O.C, who will nominate a player with

a good understanding of the laws to make a ruling.


In the case that a ruling needs a bridge judgement to be made, the O.C will

consult at least three players during the next break in play and rule in accordance with

the relevant laws.


in the case that a team wishes to appeal a ruling, the captain of the team must notify

a member of the O.C during the playing date. The O.C will then assign at least three

players of good standing within the league to act as an appeals committee, and the

panel's decision will be final.


There's no deposit required for an appeal.









































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